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    LEVAPOR is a global organization engaged in the field of environmental biotechnology providing process engineering solutions for wastewater and polluted air/gas treatment.

    We help various industries, municipalities and communities to develop tailor made process solutions for their wastewater and polluted air/gas treatment requirement. We help our clients to implement reuse and recycle of their wastewater by providing efficient, robust and economical process solutions which deliver results under all conditions.

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    Our Services

    We provide our clients complete range of services starting from problem analysis to process commissioning and start up for their wastewater treatment needs. We also provide our clients services for their existing Wastewater treatment facilities trouble shooting and optimization for its efficient and economical operation.

    Our Achievement

    • One Of The First Landfill Leachate Plant For Municipal Solid Waste Management In 1972
    • FIrst Two Step Nitrification Process For The Treatment Of Petro Refinery Effluent
    • Vertical Tower Shaped Activated Sludge System For Space Restraint Applications
    • Development Of First Synthetically Modified PU Foam Based MBBR/IFAS Media For Waste water Treatment And Air Treatment Applications
    • Anaerobic Treatment Of Sulfite Based Pulp And Paper Mill Effluents In 1987

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